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    Your award here?

    Game Concept Challenge

    Game Concept Challenge

Creative Coast Awards

Information about the Awards

Creative Coast Awards are what we've chosen to name our award ceremony! As of right now, we're only hosting Swedens largest (and maybe oldest?) game award - The Game Concept Challenge with a prizepool of 200 000 SEK (more than 21 000 EUR) - but we're looking to find other ways to celebrate creativity and awesomeness in other industries! 

Are you interested yet? Read more on how to apply for the awards to your right - or contact us at if you have an idea for an award!

Among the previous winners of the Game Concept Challenge Awards you can find AER, Acaratus, Stairs, Barmark, Bloody Trapland, Traverser, Epigenesis and Oknytt - and many more!

Information about Submissions

Deadline Game Concept Challenge 2015

Submission deadline is at 2015-05-10 23:59.

About the competition.

Game Concept Challenge is a competition were game concepts compete against each other. All submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of prominent members of the games industry. The winners receive between 10 000 SEK and 100 000 SEK in development support, provided by Sparbanken i Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse depending on the project. In addition to that they will get guidance to get their concept to a finished product and out on the market.

Please send an e-mail to for more information.

Materials that needs to be submitted.

  • The submission document including project name, platform, team etc
  • 5 screenshots/concept sketches.
  • A video showing the game, tutorial/gameplay style or trailer style.
  • Full description of the finished game, maximum three pages. 
  • Playable Slice (Optional).
  • All material should be presented in English.